Re-Dress Your Stress Workshop

"The latest science reveals that stress can make you smarter, stronger, and more successful. It helps you learn and grow. It can even inspire courage and compassion.”

~ Kelly McGonigal Ph.D

Redress Your Stress is a toolkit for stress management underwritten by innovative research, field tested techniques, and the principals of yoga. We have been taught that stress should be avoided, has a negative impact on the body, and fight or flight is our only physiological stress response. This workshop brings to life new research challenging these dated beliefs. You will learn your about your other natural stress responses, how these different responses can positively affect your body and health, and the tools to better manage your stress. Redress Your Stress will leave you with a new experience of stress, one that harnesses stress as a tool for success rather than a health danger to avoid. 


"Janessa's class really caused me to alter my view and experience of stress. I learned so much and have easy tools to take into my life- a great workshop."  ~ Mary, MPH

"Her personal stories and take home tools are very powerful.  A very timely workshop." ~ Stephanie, RN